Henriette Kellum


Henriette is an empathic listener and provides guidance and support in order to empower her clients to resolve their difficulties and to continue to live their lives with confidence and a feeling of well being. Her client population includes adults, older adults and caregivers.

Henriette’s specialties are life transitions (such as job change, retirement, a move, relationship change, empty nest etc.), loss and grief (such as death of a loved one, loss of physical ability due to impairment, loss of mental ability, loss of employment, etc.), and aging issues (such as experiencing a personal, physical or psychological change, issues around caregiving and issues around planning for a move or other significant life change). Henriette also specializes in helping persons with hoarding behavior by providing support, guidance, resource information and referral assistance to the client and guidance to family members.

Caregiving of older adults, persons with mental retardation or persons with physical disabilities brings unique challenges. Caregivers are often at higher risk of depression, anxiety or physical illness. Henriette has personal experience as a caregiver, has led caregiver support groups and has provided counseling to caregivers for many years.