Henriette Kellum


Henriette provides comprehensive mental health assessments for guardianship/conservatorship hearings, assessments to develop appropriate mental health treatment plans and assessments to assist caregivers and service providers in determining appropriate psychosocial interventions.

“A thorough, comprehensive assessment by a skilled and experienced clinician assures that the most appropriate intervention or treatment plan is made”

Assessment for guardianship/conservatorship

For these assessments Henriette conducts a thorough review of the client’s presenting circumstances and events precipitating the request for guardianship/conservatorship. She does this by conducting interviews with service providers and family members involved with the client as appropriate and as permitted by the responsible party. Henriette interviews the client in their home environment and conducts a comprehensive mental status exam during which she notes the client’s areas of strength and areas of challenge. Her final report includes a mental health diagnosis, a list of current medications the client is taking and impressions and recommendations. Impressions of activities or decisions the client is not able to make on his/her own are specifically stated.

Assessment for counseling/psychotherapy

Clients who come for counseling/psychotherapy are often under stress and Henriette seeks to balance the need to obtain background information with the importance of the therapeutic aspects of the interview. Information is gathered to help clarify the client’s goals and how to achieve them.

Assessment for psychosocial interventions

For clients whose lives are impacted by hoarding behavior or changes due to altered mental status or physical ability (more prevalent in an older population), Henriette offers psychosocial assessments in the client’s home environment. Guidance and referral is offered to caregivers who need to plan and make decisions regarding a variety of service options. Referral for ongoing care management if indicated, is made to agencies that provide that service.